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Saturday, 5 October 2013

It's 6:30 somewhere

A couple days ago a girl gets on a bus at 5:45pm on a weekday. She puts her ticket into the fare box. The fare box swallows her invalid ticket.

Bus driver: Did you come from Vancouver?
Girl: Yes.
Bus driver: Well you only paid for one zone.
Girl: But it's not 6.
Bus driver: Do you mean 6:30?
Girl: Isn't it only one zone until 6 o'clock?
Bus driver: That's AFTER 6:30pm. Right now it's regular fare.
Girl: Oh ...
Bus driver: I'll let you on for now, but remember that for next time or you'll get fined.

Yeah, genius ... Translink puts tickets on sale basically all day including rush hour, because in the evening is where they make the real money from fares.

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